Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I recently gave myself a larger studio space. What a joy! I mean, a studio can never be large enough to hold all the possibilities, but bigger is definitely better.

Unpacking my art materials reveals to me some of the treasures I've been collecting that I so enjoy making art with.

My friend Anne laughed when I used the word up-cycle to describe materials used in my art. New buzz word? Yes, I suppose. But I like it! And it defines what I love to do: Take things that on their own are just interesting artifacts of life, worn by nature, and combine them to make a new something.

Freedom Love began with this old drawer piece. I wonder where I got it. The cross came off an old bird house that has been weathering in my garden for 20 years or so. That rusty metal piece (What IS it?) was found on a hike out near my house. And tree roots have such great undulating form. Any one who knows my art knows I have a fascination with text, letters and words. And Color!

So there you have it. A piece that speaks to me of things worn by time; the spark that color adds to life; and says right out loud two things that I value: freedom and love.

Please pass this on to two friends who might enjoy.

This piece is available at my website www.joanntomschestudio.com.

PS, a great blog I came across is www.upcyclethat.com. Lots of great ideas for reuse of everyday things, and also some beautifully crafted art pieces.

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