Saturday, May 31, 2014

12 steps to art show bliss

I'm so happy to have my newest art installed at the Courtyard Gallery in Idyllwild for the summer.
Preparing for an art show is by now a familiar roughy 12 step experience: 
1 I decide to do a show. Joy!
2 I'm inspired with many new ideas. 
3 I begin working passionately in my studio. 
4 Life's many events, both known and unexpected, intervene and greatly slow down my progress.
5 I now realize I in no way have enough time to accomplish and complete all these amazing new art pieces. 
6 I panic and become a difficult person for all those nearest to me. (Sorry, sons)
7 The effects of #6 become worse as the installation date draws nearer. And I begin to doubt the work entirely. 
8 Miraculously time opens up and as I complete new work all my anguish about making art dissipates and my joyfulness returns. 
9 I begin to install the show as I had envisioned. 
10 It does not work that way. 
11 I surrender to the newer better plan that emerges for the installation. 
12 Joy! Happiness! And bliss!

For some reason these are always the steps. 
Come join me today to celebrate step 12. 
Courtyard Gallery
26120 Ridgeview Drive
2-4 pm May 31

This newest piece finished yesterday. 
Absolute Love.