Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Creating beauty for other artists

During summertime I put on my gallery manager hat full time and step into the role of gallery manager at Idyllwild Arts Summer Program. Yesterday I finished up the first of 6 installations that will happen in an 8 week window. Although it's a lot of work to be changing up the gallery every week, it also means it's a dynamic and energetic space to be in.

When I install work for other artists my goal is to display and show their art to it's fullest potential, to make it look the most beautiful, and highlight what is most wonderful. I try to look at every piece with fresh eyes, and every installation with new ideas for how to create dialogues and relationships between the different artists work. For instance, how the curve of these pots echoes the forms of this bottle; how the colors of this painting is seen in these necklaces; how the figures in these drawings are echoed in this wood carving. It becomes about many layers of seeing and that's exciting.

Come take a look at the show this week. It includes some wonderful jewelry and fantastic ceramics.
And I've included some of my own work and reproductions in the show as well.

Happy Summer!

Ruby Petal Pie. Acrylic on canvas with fabric and paper collage.