Monday, July 7, 2014


I met a wonderful man via online dating a few months ago.




So, being the journaler that I am, I was flipping randomly through my journal the other night, and came across my entry from a few months before I met him detailing what I want in a relationship. Check and check. We've got it all.

Then I had an aha! moment about the correlation between my art career and online dating. Why am I not approaching it the same way, I wondered? Online dating feeds you all these leads that you can ignore or respond to. All these prospects you can chat with or delete. All these possible men to meet or decline. It takes work. It takes time. Sorry, but as I see it, it IS work. I've got a full, busy life. Yes, there is fun too, of course, but time is a precious commodity.

So my new approach to my art business is to put the time commitment that I previously applied to meeting Doug into meeting new retailers and venues for my art and reproductions. Getting to know them. Seeing if we are a good fit. I want to be spending my life making art equally as much as I wanted to meet a wonderful partner. And if I really mean that then doing the work to get me there is so worth the time and effort.

I'll keep you posted on how things proceed.

Make art and beauty daily!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Creating beauty for other artists

During summertime I put on my gallery manager hat full time and step into the role of gallery manager at Idyllwild Arts Summer Program. Yesterday I finished up the first of 6 installations that will happen in an 8 week window. Although it's a lot of work to be changing up the gallery every week, it also means it's a dynamic and energetic space to be in.

When I install work for other artists my goal is to display and show their art to it's fullest potential, to make it look the most beautiful, and highlight what is most wonderful. I try to look at every piece with fresh eyes, and every installation with new ideas for how to create dialogues and relationships between the different artists work. For instance, how the curve of these pots echoes the forms of this bottle; how the colors of this painting is seen in these necklaces; how the figures in these drawings are echoed in this wood carving. It becomes about many layers of seeing and that's exciting.

Come take a look at the show this week. It includes some wonderful jewelry and fantastic ceramics.
And I've included some of my own work and reproductions in the show as well.

Happy Summer!

Ruby Petal Pie. Acrylic on canvas with fabric and paper collage.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

12 steps to art show bliss

I'm so happy to have my newest art installed at the Courtyard Gallery in Idyllwild for the summer.
Preparing for an art show is by now a familiar roughy 12 step experience: 
1 I decide to do a show. Joy!
2 I'm inspired with many new ideas. 
3 I begin working passionately in my studio. 
4 Life's many events, both known and unexpected, intervene and greatly slow down my progress.
5 I now realize I in no way have enough time to accomplish and complete all these amazing new art pieces. 
6 I panic and become a difficult person for all those nearest to me. (Sorry, sons)
7 The effects of #6 become worse as the installation date draws nearer. And I begin to doubt the work entirely. 
8 Miraculously time opens up and as I complete new work all my anguish about making art dissipates and my joyfulness returns. 
9 I begin to install the show as I had envisioned. 
10 It does not work that way. 
11 I surrender to the newer better plan that emerges for the installation. 
12 Joy! Happiness! And bliss!

For some reason these are always the steps. 
Come join me today to celebrate step 12. 
Courtyard Gallery
26120 Ridgeview Drive
2-4 pm May 31

This newest piece finished yesterday. 
Absolute Love. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The creations within me

I'm a dedicated journal writer. It's where I go to work out so many internal conflicts and questions.
So the other day I'm reading a chapter about women's wisdom in one Christiane Northrup's great books and I come across questions about creativity. Okay, now this is right up my alley. So being the good student and journaler that I am, I faithfully write the proposed question:
What are the creations within me that I want to put out in the world before I'm no longer here?
Fiber Heart. Original collage.
So, first off, Yikes! No longer here. Wow. Okay, really what do I want to make of and in my life?
Answer 1 is to support and launch my kids. 100%. Obvious.

Answer 2 is Absolute Love, of art and as art.
That answer emerged from within me, intrigued me immensely, and startled me.
What?! What's that?! What does that look or feel like?

So far what it means is going to my studio and working with that intention.

I had been asked to make some new heart collage pieces and my skeptical side thought "Oh, well that's silly, hearts as love. Gee, that's so original." But honestly, it is so exciting to me! Absolute Love as Art.

Here are the first couple pieces I've made, with more underway. You can see and purchase the originals at Acorn Gallery in Idyllwild.

Wishing you absolute love.
Spring Earth. Original collage.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Favorite places

Ever since I designed an Idyllwild tile a couple of years ago, images have been lurking at the edges of my mind for other beautiful local places. Everybody wants to celebrate their turf, you know?

A few months ago when a client ordered architectural tiles for her kitchen remodel, she asked if in addition to the Idyllwild tile, I had a design for Pine Cove. Umm, no, not actually, it's still in my mind, sort of...umm developing...

Fast forward to last weekend, when Spring Break gave me ample head space and studio time (thank you whoever had this original brilliant idea for Spring Break). I was finally able to get those Pine Cove ideas out into the visual world where everyone can see them. Here's the finished design!

Pine Cove. 4.25" Decorative tile or Architectural tile.
Both tiles are now available to be purchased at Acorn Gallery in Idyllwild. The original collage pieces are also available, just let me know if you're interested.

Tell me about your about your favorite places. I'd be happy to make a commissioned art piece that reflects your happy place!

Idyllwild. 4.25" Decorative tile or Architectural tile.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sharing what I've learned

Imagine. Mixed media assemblage. 2013.
I'm pretty dang excited to be teaching a mixed media workshop for adults this weekend here in Idyllwild.

I'm calling this little art exploration More Than Words because increasingly over the past 5 years words and text have been creeping into my art in both subtle and obvious ways. I'm an inspiration junkie, it's true. It's like making art with text "joy" or "create today" or "freedom" helps me to infuse that energy into my life. I always, always, feel so inspired and renewed when I make art with words.

Would you like to come play with us on Saturday, February 22? Eight wonderful women will be joining in this fun day of creating. We have room for 2 more intrepid souls. Is one of them you?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I just spent a wonderful, laughter filled afternoon celebrating the birthday of a woman friend, with a circle of smart, funny, kind, lovely, creative women. What more could I ask for?

I receive so much from all of them. And I hope I give back equally most of the time.

Laugh word tag.
One of many topics today was a dissection of my computer dating life (mostly dismal and yet hilarious). To dissect it with women who love and care for me made it bearable, and ludicrously entertaining.

Women friends are the treasures of my life - each an amazing jewel. Thanks you all!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


That's an underused word in my vocabulary.
It feels round and humble and smiling. It feels simple and fabulous.
Frankly, I want more of it.

My feeling is this "I want more life in my life".
For me that means more freedom, more love, more creation, more travel, more laughing, more bliss.
That's where I'm headed in 2014.

What does it mean for you, I wonder?

Green Mint. Feels like more to me.