Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Everyday surprises

Every day art comes in many guises.
Is it necessary to arrange the pillows on my bed each morning? No.
my springtime bed: ikea duvet cover, crocheted pink pear, fabulous quilted fabric pillow by amazing fabric artist Leslie Schelly, repurposed bath room mat pillow sham, thrift store fleur de lis shams

Do I derive a moment's pleasure and delight in the luscious spring colors suffused in light streaming through the west window? Absolutely yes!

Broiled eggplant slices was part of dinner a few nights ago. After salting and rinsing them I did what I've done dozens of times - laid them out in a single layer on a tea towel, folded the towel over them, and blotted them dry. Usual every day stuff.

But tonight, when I opened the leaf green cotton towel - voila - there was the imprint of 20 perfect, damp, dark green circles. An instant and ephemeral print.
Double take.... Smile.

A thrill of delight experienced, then tucked away. The impression of the visual imagery, yes, but also the precious moment of realization that delight is anywhere and everywhere we notice it.
Every day.

A favorite quote of mine that says it best:
If our experience of being alive is the most important thing then what we pay attention to becomes a critical choice. Eric Booth

Joann Tomsche 5/4/11