Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The creations within me

I'm a dedicated journal writer. It's where I go to work out so many internal conflicts and questions.
So the other day I'm reading a chapter about women's wisdom in one Christiane Northrup's great books and I come across questions about creativity. Okay, now this is right up my alley. So being the good student and journaler that I am, I faithfully write the proposed question:
What are the creations within me that I want to put out in the world before I'm no longer here?
Fiber Heart. Original collage.
So, first off, Yikes! No longer here. Wow. Okay, really what do I want to make of and in my life?
Answer 1 is to support and launch my kids. 100%. Obvious.

Answer 2 is Absolute Love, of art and as art.
That answer emerged from within me, intrigued me immensely, and startled me.
What?! What's that?! What does that look or feel like?

So far what it means is going to my studio and working with that intention.

I had been asked to make some new heart collage pieces and my skeptical side thought "Oh, well that's silly, hearts as love. Gee, that's so original." But honestly, it is so exciting to me! Absolute Love as Art.

Here are the first couple pieces I've made, with more underway. You can see and purchase the originals at Acorn Gallery in Idyllwild.

Wishing you absolute love.
Spring Earth. Original collage.

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