Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The idea of living artfully is a big one for me.
At first I thought - Oh, okay, make art and make my home an expression of me. Check.

Recently though I've been thinking in terms of artfully facing challenges that arise for me. For me that means really opening my mind to think creatively about new ways of looking at solutions.

Create Today. Original paper collage.
I have this hat I wear called Art Teacher.
Lately I've had a love/hate relationship with that damn hat.
The Love part is that when I'm in the studio with my students it's fun. I enjoy them. I like helping them think about alternative approaches and ideas they could explore. It's rewarding to see a spark ignite in their eye when something connects. I learn new things with them.

The Hate part is that when I'm immersed in my own studio and excited about my current ideas and art pieces, then putting on the Art Teacher Hat feels like dragging myself away from my true love.

So, living artfully.... How do I switch hats gracefully? How do I integrate my own studio work into the time I spend with students? What's the question to ask?

I would love to hear from you about how you live artfully and integrate the different roles in your life.

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