Friday, November 8, 2013

Limited edition holiday ornaments

I have been busily and happily making a limited edition of 40 Joy Love Angel ornaments. This is my first annual ornament edition and I am enjoying every minute of it!

I begin with text paper from a book of Christmas short stories which I collage over chipboard. Then I make an original ink drawing, each with her own personality, for every ornament. Next I design the word collages, construct the wings, and finish each with a selection of glass, metal or stone beads. My contemporary color palettes include surprising mixes of orange tones, pinks, and aquamarines, frosty blues, elegant black and white, and a range Christmassy greens and reds. 

9/40 Joy side
9/40 Love side

One side of the ornament highlights a flowing, original ink drawing of a woman, a bead nestled at her throat, her delicate, wire, angel wings, the word collage Joy, and a sparkle of gold and crystalline holiday glitter.

The other side features a cluster of colorful beads, the word collage Love, and is finished with a festive dusting of glitter. Each uniquely beautiful ornament is numbered, signed and dated.

I hope you love these as much as I've loved making them. Please pass this on to two friends!

These signed and dated art pieces are made as a limited edition of only 40 ornaments. Each is a unique and original creation.  Now available at Acorn Gallery in Idyllwild, at, or directly from me if you are in Idyllwild.

3/40 Joy side
3/40 Love side

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