Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the current spark

So there I am, looking at 2 perfectly wonderful collage pieces well underway on the studio work table. And not feeling too inspired by either one.
I have the urge to rise up off the surface - to go 3D. But these aren't really going there - not today anyway. Wow, and I loved them when they began, still do - sort of.
But here's the thing - rather than go to the chatter brain who says "finish what you've started" I go to the current spark of inspiration instead. Always a wiser move I've found.
crocheted pear January 2011

So 3D it is.
Texture + fiber + curves = a crocheted pear.
Well in my case it does anyway. And it makes me smile.

What does that equation equal for you I wonder?
What's your current spark?

Joann Tomsche 2/1/11


  1. I have found the same thing....always follow the inspiration of the moment. Interesting, my inspiration these days seems to be coming from the commitment to show up to the page. Hmm, just contemplating this makes me wonder if it isn't an equation in my case, too....

    ....I think it might be:

    observation of life + commitment + action = finished piece

  2. Love the crocheted pear. Aren't you glad you aren't totally inspired by grapes?

  3. i keep trying to post to say...creating something is like yawning....once you do it...others around you start creating too...thanks for "yawning" that pear.